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Purple Dress

I made this dress from Simplicity 4072, View B.  I hadn’t planned to use this fabric for this dress, but once I brought the purple jersey home and started thinking about what to do with it, I couldn’t resist!  I liked the idea of the tone-on-tone and purple is one of my favorites at the moment!  Both fabrics are from Walmart (jersey- $3 a yard, satin- $2 a yard discounted).  The jersey is my favorite kind- lightweight and very stretchy (4-way).  I especially like (and was not aniticipating) that the dress brings so much volume to my upper half and almost makes my hips look small!  woohoo!

See my pattern review here.


I have been “working” on the pattern for about 3 weeks (most of that time spent dreading what was ahead of me).  I read all the reviews on Pattern Review and knew it was going to be daunting.  And then after cutting out the many many pieces (22!) I was fearing it even more.  But, once I finally sat down and started working it really wasn’t that difficult.  Yes, there are some weird things, but I mostly knew how I was going to handle them thanks to the reviews.

The most difficult part was that I decided to use satin (!) for all of the tedious pieces.  Although I love the look of it, that made it extremely hard to work with.  Otherwise I think I wouldn’t have had so many issues.  What issues you ask?  Take a look at the sleeves.  I had fun trying (unsuccessfully) to keep them from puckering every 2 stitches.  Does anyone know why this happened?  Also, the ‘V’ is a bit bumpy.  That part would have been hard enough without the satin, but I think for an inexperienced seamstress such as myself, there was just no way to get this to lie flat.  The only other thing was that attaching the waistband at the underarm seam was a bit weird (it still doesn’t look right).

Changes I made

  • Attached the interfacing to the facing (in both the waistband and neckband) so that I could be tricky.  The pattern called for not finishing the facing at the waistband, and one of the reviews had a great suggestion that I used (and applied to the neckband as well).  I attached the interfacing right sides together (seam on the outside edge only), flipped it inside out and then pressed.  Tada!  Finished facing 🙂  Now I just have to hand stitch as my topstitching was definitely not working!
  • Shortened as usual.  For this one, I cut 2 inches off the hem of the main piece, then attached the hem band and turned it under attaching it onto itself at the seam.  It ended up the perfect length!  Good thing too, because I was really just guessing 🙂
  • Shortened the sleeves.  I have long arms, but these were well below my elbows.
  • Combined the skirt front/back pieces with the side skirt pieces (to make 6 pieces into 2).  Not really sure why they needed 6.  I hate seams in skirts.
  • Doubled the width of the ties so that I could make them into a tube. They would just look silly in one layer with the back side of the fabric showing!

Overall, this was a little tough, but made worse by my fabric choice.  It was, however, a wonderful dress on which to practice facings (which I very much needed after my last dress).  I will probably not sew it again as I don’t enjoy cutting fabric enough to go through that again 🙂


Purple Dress

Purple Dress

Purple Dress

Purple Dress

Purple Dress

Purple Dress

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  1. November 19, 2008 4:02 am

    Hi there, Found you via burdastyle. Saw this dress and thought- I am making that! I must confess I have barely started, and I am really not sure how it will work out. I have cut out ALL the pieces and have only done the first bit of sewing… and then I made a bunch of other stuff!

    Your dress looks good! Makes me think I should get back onto mine!

  2. Meg permalink
    July 25, 2010 5:16 am

    This is such a gorgeous dress, I just love it! And the colours are PERFECT! The link to the pattern no longer seems to work, I was wondering if you had any other suggestions of how I could get my hands on the pattern?


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