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“Liz” Vest

Fleece vest made using the “Liz” blouse pattern from  This was my entry for the Recycling MiniChallenge, in which I came in 2nd Place!

I found two fleece jackets at the thrift store and decided to make a vest out of them! I used the Liz Blouse pattern, cut the jackets completely apart, laid out the pieces the best I could, and made my alterations. The back center piece had to be split in two because I couldn’t fit the entire pattern piece on my fabric! I also made a fun little skirt with elastic waistband. The whole thing took me something like 12 hours! I couldn’t believe it, but all the strategic cutting and altering the pattern really took a long time. I plan to add buttons, but they weren’t recycled so I didn’t want to use them to enter the minichallenge.  This is not lined, because at this point I would have no idea how to start a lining.  I’ll have to figure that out soon 🙂 The skirt on it’s own was about 30 minutes since I used the hem from the bottom of the pullover.

The alterations I made were as follows:
– topstitched both sides of almost every seam in order to hold down the allowances and give it a nicer look
– added cuffs onto the sleeves
– decreased the front center piece to add the gray strip in the middle
– widened the collar
– added the white band at the bottom
– added a tie for the waist
– added a ribbon to the inside neckline to help finish the rough edges

The collar can be worn either flipped up and cozy…

or flipped out

back view (you can really see the top-stitching here, although it is also on the front, but a bit camouflaged against the white)

and one last view

and the all important “Before” picture!

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  1. nuisance26 permalink
    November 20, 2008 1:04 pm

    That is very cute! Really great workmanship there. 🙂

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