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Most Versatile LBD Ever!

How to wear it

This dress can be worn for almost any occasion (unless you’re working on a farm, I suppose). It makes a great funky casual look for an afternoon with the girls or for a night out etc (first pics), perfect with a belted cardigan for work (sorry for the horrible pic), and the perfect little black holiday (or other) party dress! It could be worn in any season, with tights or without, strappy shoes or nice pumps or boots! Awesome!


I made this version of Danielle out of a skirt I bought from a sample sale my company had. It was an old sample that I guess they don’t need anymore, so I got it for $2! Crazy! I thought there would be plenty of material to work with. Turns out, there was just barely enough for the outside of the dress, so I had to cut the facings out of something else (I used a neutral sweatshirt knit that I had in my stash- it needed to be stretchy). I had to play around with the skirt to make it fit on the material so I didn’t even end up using those pattern pieces at all.

The material is a gorgeous knitted wool from Eileen Fisher (Garnet Hill)- so so pretty. A little bit stretchy too (just enough that I didn’t need a zipper!).


  • widened waistband
  • no sleeves
  • used smaller seam allowances on straps (so they would be wider)
  • took it in about and inch on each side
  • used “serger” type stitch for all seams so that it could be stretch to slip on over my head!
  • used twin needle for hem 🙂 first time!


Front View – funky casual


Front Close-Up (I had to put a seam in the middle so the pattern piece would fit on the fabric)


Back View (look at those matching seams 🙂


Work Look (although it might work better with black tights)


Holiday Party Dress! (I think this is my favorite)



Original Skirt

"before" picture

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