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All Finished

July 28, 2010

I’m going mobile!  I just got a droid about a month ago, and downloaded the wordpress app.  I have a feeling I will be posting a lot more often now…

I had to take yesterday morning off, but I finished the dress!  What a relief to have that project out of the way…  Now onto my wardrobe, and fast!

Now without giving anything away, a quick review.  The pattern is fantastic, the fit is great, true to burda patterns.  My particular changes modified the bodice and I think made the top a bit large on me.  This dress took me so long!  I believe it was about 25 hours of work (not including the muslin).  Since I gave it a full lining, I think it basically doubled my sewing time.  I tried, and mostly succeeded in creating a really nice finish that I was very happy with.  There was a fair amount of handstitching at the end, which I normally despise, but I took my time and made it look nice.  I’m very happy with the resulting dress.  Even though its a bit simpler than I originally imagined (mainly because I wanted a print fabric), it is very much “me” which is what they wanted from us.  Its also incredibly versatile, which of course I always love 🙂

Here is your teaser, and this is all I can share until the book is out.


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