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March 31, 2009

Hello everyone!  I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated my blog.  As I explained last time, I’m lazy and I have lots of other things keeping me busy lately 🙂 

BUT, I’ve been participating in a small group for church, and they’re making me sew (well, the challenge was to create something that’s “uniquely you”).  So, that means I’m sewing.  I decided to make a wallet (mostly because I don’t have time for anything else).  I’ve had this fabric I’ve been wanting to use, but I could only find 1 fat quarter, so it works perfectly for a wallet!  Finally, I will have one for myself 🙂  I’m in desperate need of a good wallet…

Because I’m making it for myself and I need all the storage I can get, I decided to add an extra zipper pocket on the outside (woohoo!).  So, I updated my tutorial to include the extra steps (but no new pictures).  See it here.

Pictures of the new wallet to come tomorrow!  AND, I really want to make something to wear for Easter, so hopefully I can work on that in the midst of selling the house!  Wish me luck, and does anyone want a house in Cincinnati? 🙂

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