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Neat Christmas Ideas

December 15, 2008

I was just doing some exploring and found a couple fun paper projects for those that might have time to do them!  The first is from Heather Bailey’s blog, and it’s a tutorial on how to make Gift Card Boxes- they are the cutest thing ever, and what a great way to house a simple gift!

Click the picture for the link!

The other thing I found was at a blog I recently discovered called Les Plus Beauxx.  She found this awesome paper crafting site which she posted about here.  Looking through it I founnd an awesome wreath project that I can’t wait to try (I’m really hoping to have some time for it, but am not optimistic).  Check it out!  Personally I like it without the berries, just a simple contemporary looking wreath in whatever colors you wish!

I have finished 4 of my 6 big projects and am hoping to finish another tomorrow.  The other will have to wait until this weekend when I have money for the fabric 🙂  But, I’m hoping to get my 3 little projects finished Thursday night since Stephen is at class all evening so I don’t have to worry about being locked away in my sewing room 🙂

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