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Oh Christmas Presents

December 12, 2008

I’ve been working tirelessly (well, not really) on Christmas presents.  I finished the first two, and am close to finishing the third (total of 6 larger pieces, 3 smaller).  The problem is, with Christmas presents it’s tough to post them because you never know who will see this.  BUT, the first two I think I’m safe with.  My sister already knows I’m making her a purse, and in fact picked out the fabric for it and the style.  So, that one’s safe.  The other is for my brother-in-law’s girlfriend who I’m pretty sure has no idea I even have a blog.  So, here they are:


PJ Pants (it’s very hard to photograph white!)


In other news… I dyed my hair crazy dark!  Well, for me…  I’ve never done this before, so here’s a pic… (sorry- it’s very flat because it was the end of the night).  It was supposed to be a medium brown color, and it’s faded since then (this was the same night).  But, it’s only demi-permanent so it won’t last forever.

My crazy new brown hair!

Also, I’ve been really enjoying Jason Mraz’s new(ish) CD.  The one with his really popular song “I’m Yours”.  The hubby got it for me for our anniversary and it is amazing!  There are only 2 songs on it that I’m not fond of.  Anyway, check it out.  Especially if you like a little jazz.

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