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Happy Thanksgiving

November 28, 2008

And Happy Anniversary to my hubby 🙂

I know it’s late, but I was busy yesterday 🙂  For our Anniversary we went to a neat Italian restaurant on Fountain Square called Via Vite (and I got to wear my purple dress! too bad we forgot to take pictures).  We had mixed reviews of the restaurant.  The atmosphere was great- very fun and contemporary.  I’m sure there are pictures on the site.  Stephen’s food was awesome!  He had a leg of lamb (his favorite, but he’s never had lamb just on it’s own- he absolutely loved it).  His dish also came with a creamy polenta surrounding it– yummy!  I got a pesto pizza with artichokes and goat cheese.  I’m limited because I’m vegetarian, but i can find something in an italian restaurant.  Not so much here.  It was this and side dishes.  Also, while I’m normally a huge fan of pesto pizza, this was not that great.  I’m a cheese lover, and just a little bit of goat cheese is not gonna do it for me.  There was a good amount of artichokes, but not in relation to the skimpy cheese.  And, the pesto itself was not that great- I don’t think it was anything but smushed basil.  My poor husband- so limited by my darn diet!  Oh yeah, but they also gave us some free Prosecco for our anniversary!  That was very nice 🙂  It reminded me of our honeymoon (and for good reason, because I just found out that Bellini’s are made from Prosecco which was the only thing I would drink at the resort- I’m not a huge drinker…).

For Thanksgiving, we went to my in-laws house, where there were 16 people!  Crazy!  I made my grandma’s noodles- mmmm.  And, we had tons and tons of food.  It was really neat though, because my new sister-in-laws family joined us (at least some of them) all the way from Texas (but they’re originally from Honduras).

New Creations

I finished a top and a hat this week!  Woohoo!  Yay for being productive 🙂  Next up is Christmas presents, so it may be awhile before they get posted.  I may be able to post fabric pictures for some of them though…

New Page

I’m going to work on adding a new page with all the fabrics in my stash 🙂  Mostly this is for me to see what I have! haha!  Let’s see if I can keep up!

New fabric!

I got some new fabric in the mail yesterday that I am sooo excited about!  It’s gorgeous!  I think it’s also out of print and very hard to find (I got the last bit from Material Girl Fabrics!).  It’s from Erin Michael’s Loft 1800 line.  I know I know I said no more fabric this year, but I’m going to use it for Christmas presents, so it doesn’t count!  (and of course I will have leftovers for myself)


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  1. November 28, 2008 11:53 pm

    Congtrats on your Anniversary, may you celebrate many, many more years to come! Looking forward to seeing your projects 🙂

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