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Second Place!

November 12, 2008

Woohoo!  My Fleece Vest that I made for a recycling competition for burdastyle won 2nd place!  How exciting!

Dress Progress
I have made some progress on my purple dress, and have realized in the process how daunting this task is going to be.  Although I love the fabric I picked, it is proving very difficult to work with.  Let’s just say I don’t plan to make a habit of sewing satin…

The Impossible Fabric (satin + jersey)

Cutting the dress was quite a chore- I had cut the main pieces out awhile back (from the jersey), and left the satin to do later (which happened to be Friday).  There ended up being 22 pieces to cut!  That’s crazy!  That makes for an extremely ambitious project!

Also, after reading the reviews on Pattern Review, I thought I would make some alterations and try to finish it nicely (since the pattern does not call for finishing the facings).  So much for that idea.  I tried working on one sleeve cuff today and gave up.  So, I decided instead to follow the directions exactly as they are written to make it as easy as possible on myself!  Maybe now that I know this (and have seam ripped enough for my taste), I can make some good progress the next few days.  Craziness!

New Fabric
This past weekend I went to St. Theresa Textile Trove with sewing group just for fun.  I had looked at the website and saw that they sold designer fabric some of which I had been looking for (to make my sister’s Christmas present).  I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for, but I found some fun fabric anyway!  Check it out!

Tina Givens (left) and Amy Butler designs

Tina Givens (left) and Amy Butler designs

Sticking With It
In other news, after looking at other blogging sites, I have decided to stick with this one.  Although the customization options are fewer than I desire (at least in the free version), the extra pages are a very nice feature, and the perfect way to showcase my creations however I want!  So, while it would be nice to have both, I will settle for this.  Who knows, maybe in the future they will allow us to customize more (or I will make enough money to start paying for the extra options!).

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