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Can’t Sleep

November 2, 2008

Well it’s 1:16 and I can’t sleep.  I’ve gotten a total of 11 hours the past 2 nights, and I have to get up for church in the morning.  I’ve been working 3rd shift for a month now (boo) and so my weekends are completely thrown off.  My body doesn’t want to sleep.  Even after taking NyQuil an hour ago and a crazy crazy weekend.

Well I didn’t get the dress done- I haven’t even made any progress!  We’ve been so busy running around that I haven’t had time to work on it.  It’s great, though to see friends and family.  My sister also came home this weekend (very last minute) and brought her new boyfriend (well, new to us, but they’ve been dating 2 months).  I really like him- he was really nice and interesting and he plays in a bluegrass band (awesome!).  He even broke out the banjo for us!  Awesome!  She should definitely keep this one around, but that’s just my opinion 😉

Well I’m going to try to sleep some more.  This is finally starting to make me tired.  It’s so funny because I was dead tired before and fell asleep on the couch, but when I got in bed no luck!

Apparently the word “Well” likes to unnecessarily insert itself in my vocabulary when I’m tired…

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